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Win $30K – The Monarchy’s Photo Contest Returns


Win $30K – The Monarchy’s Photo Contest Returns

The Monarchy girls have prepared a fun little contest that will give you a chance to get to know our girls and win some cash!

Photo Contest time!!

Ready for a chance to win $30,000L sponsored by The Monarchy?

Of course you are.

Now, listen carefully because this is a fun one.

The name of the game – Candid!  You have a chance to win $30,000L just by taking a photo with a Monarchy girl (you and the girl in the photo).  This means The Monarchy’s owner, a Monarchy Playmate, Monarchy Siren, Monarchy Eye Candy, Monarchy Domme (sorry Monarchy Champagne girls don’t count. If you haven’t noticed, they’re bots).

Now we’re not looking for planned photo shoots with our girls.  Schedules are tight these days and we want everyone to have a chance to win, no matter photography skill.  So these are purely candid shots.

They cannot take place in any private area at The Monarchy (ie the dressing room) and you should have The Monarchy girl’s permission to snap the photo before invading her space.  If she’s busy or in a dance, we ask that you respect her privacy.  If you happen to be the one she’s entertaining, feel free to snap away (spare the nudes… unless she’s cool with it!).  Click here to teleport.  Be sure to check the girl’s picks for any disclaimers regarding the contest.

You’ll be able to enter photos until January 2nd.  Throughout the entire month be sure to keep up with our Facebook page for updates on boosts, where you may have the opportunity to either enter more photos or earn extra points.

How To Win
The Most points wins!

  • 1 point per every photo entered
  • 2 extra points taken somewhere public on the grid
  • 3 extra points if at The Monarchy’s landing
  • 4 extra points if inside the club
  • 5 extra points on photos taken on the red carpet during Red Carpet Night  (Sundays 6-8pm – open access)
  • 10 extra points during Harajuku Night (Tuesdays at 6pm)
  • 15 extra points during The Sleepover (Saturdays at 8pm)
  • 20 extra points on photos taken during a session with a Monarchy girl
  • 25 extra points on photos taken with a Monarchy manager – Alysee Rose, Osoicy, Akira Fox, Miyuki
  • 30 Extra points on photos with The Monarchy’s owner, Meela Vanderbuilt

***Be on the look out for triple point days!

Honestly, the more photos you have in the pool, the higher your chances of winning!


The Rules

  1. You may enter up to 5 photos a day.  Additional photos will be deleted at random, no specific order.
  2. Photos cannot take place in any private area at The Monarchy (ie the dressing room or personal rooms unless you are the client)
  3. You will need to ask to take the photo with the lovely lady of your choice.  Please do not simply invade her space, please do not interrupt her if she is dancing or with a client.  A simple, can I snap a photo with you works!!
  4. Remember, these are candid shots. Sure we may be able to throw on a pose, we may have to rely on our AO.  These are not professional photo shoots or anything in a fancy studio or in front of a back drop.. candid!
  5. These photos can take place at The Monarchy or if you see a girl with a Monarchy tag around SL.  Just remember to ask for a photo op.
  6. You cannot IM girls for tps you will need to “run into” her.  So, visit the club. If you’re not a member stop by Sundays for open access.  Be on the look out for photo opportunity messages we send out on our social networks to let you know when we’ll be at certain venues or even landing snapping photos.  Also feel free to say hi and ask for a photo anywhere in public.  And don’t worry, we have lots of open access events coming up!

If any of these rules are broken the photos will be removed from the contest.  Easy Peasy.

Ready to rock!?

Click here to Submit

Click here to view the gallery


Minimum of 20 entrants required for a winner to be selected. Duplicate photos will not be considered. 

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