My Biography

Aviaya is your girlfriend experience, your Friday night fun, easily intrigued and curious.

I’m a fiery redhead babe, with sensual realistic curves, and I absolutely love showing them off.

I’m a full blown Scandinavian girl, in her late 20’s. Tell me what you desire, so we can indulge in the exprience together.

I love music, movies, and good food, so if you want a date for the ball, a movie night, a romantic dinner, or maybe a picnic, I would love to be your company. I’m an open-minded talkative girl, with a tendency to speak my mind and answer when asked. I love silly conversations, deep talks, and discussing the world we live in.

I like to describe in detail, what I do, and what I feel, I want you to be emerged with me.

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When to find her

Aviaya is available regularly and can make appointments on request. Find her grid side between 3 AM SLT – 2 PM SLT;

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My shows

Be sure to check out my schedule to meet me in world. Here are the events coming up at The Monarchy. We are open 24/7, feel free to stop by any time or schedule time with me by sending an IM request to RavenVanderbuilt Resident.

Eternal Beats
December 23, 2020 @ London, UK