My Biography

Feisty, passionate, hungry for pleasure and occasionally pain.

Whether you’re in need of a strong woman to take the reins, or you’re an alpha type in search of a proud conquest, i crave the chance to invite you to escape with me.

I’m a strong writer with a keen attention to detail and a gift for seduction.

Your brain is your biggest erogenous zone and I know just where to touch it to set you on fire.

When I’m not manhunting, ho-ing, and spending my money on slutty little outfits, I enjoy photography, dancing, exploring, and spending your money on slutty little outfits.

I offer fully bespoke roleplay experiences from intense, down-and-dirty one-nighters to powerful, whirlwind flings to deeply complex one-on-one sagas. do you have a particular scene or a story you want to live out? do you just want to arrange a meet-cute and see where it takes us? I’ll follow your lead or keep you right on your toes. let’s make something epic together.

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When to find her

Charlotte is available regularly, and can make appointments on request. 

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My shows

Be sure to check out my schedule to meet me in world. Here are the events coming up at The Monarchy. We are open 24/7, feel free to stop by any time or schedule time with me by sending an IM request to RavenVanderbuilt Resident.

Eternal Beats
December 23, 2020 @ London, UK