My Biography

Someone you want to stroke your ego then your cock perhaps.

Hello, nice to meet you. If you want to meet me I highly suggest you come to The Monarchy and get to know me. I’m a Playmate, a tease, an enchantress, I’m discreet, open minded and LGBTQ friendly. I don’t judge, I indulge. Sexy, sensual, seductive and sassy.

I’m a switch I can kneel at your feet while you force me to take every inch of you or I can wrap you around my little finger, my heels and whatever else I desire.

I love flirting, sexy banter, and intelligent conversation. I love feeling kept, on a pedestal and I LOVE knowing I have you hard. Outside my wonderful job, I love exploring SL and taking pictures.

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RavenVanderbuilt Resident
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When to find her

Lucie is available regularly and can make appointments on request. Find her grid side between 12 PM SLT – 4 PM SLT, later on weekends.

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My shows

Be sure to check out my schedule to meet me in world. Here are the events coming up at The Monarchy. We are open 24/7, feel free to stop by any time or schedule time with me by sending an IM request to RavenVanderbuilt Resident.

Eternal Beats
December 23, 2020 @ London, UK