My Biography

I'll be your Native American Paris Hilton and Marilyn Monroe fantasy for the night

Take me out on the town and I’ll show you how to have fun and party.

I love the rush and excitement of voyeurism, domination, and edgeplay.

I’m of an artistic nature, I love the arts and love to paint, erotic or not, I love the little details and nitty-gritty.

Some of my special, most exciting specialties are hot voyeurism roleplays, and submissive and dominant dynamics…As well as erotic punishments.

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RavenVanderbuilt Resident
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When to find her

Mya is available regularly, and can make appointments on request. Find her grid side between 12pm – 9pm SLT.

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My shows

Be sure to check out my schedule to meet me in world. Here are the events coming up at The Monarchy. We are open 24/7, feel free to stop by any time or schedule time with me by sending an IM request to RavenVanderbuilt Resident.

Eternal Beats
December 23, 2020 @ London, UK