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Access to The Monarchy is restricted to member’s only. We have open access on Sundays from 8am SLT to midnight for non-members. You can join in world – click here .

VIP Membership – $300L to join

  • Distraction-free access to the club, Champagne Room, massage room, date cabana, worship room, private rooms and use of any space in the club
  • Invitations to all events and access to member’s only events including parties, sex shows, burlesque shows, peep shows, etc
  • participation in auctions, contests (blow job contest, wet t-shirt contests to judge), free lapdance raffle
  • Coming Soon – access to member’s only XXX content on this site

Elite Membership – invite only to Monarchy VIPs
($40k+ tippers)

  • Includes everything in VIP with unlimited access to the Champagne Room, Elite Beach – including the beach house, pools, hot tub, tennis court
  • Event hosting for bachelor parties, birthday parties, etc
  • Reserve any space in the club
  • Invitation to elite-only events – orgies, masquerades, pool parties, sex shows, etc

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