We know rules are no fun to read but by access The Monarchy you are agreeing to the following. Please review.  Courtesies will not be granted because you have not read the rules.

The quick version.

You must be 18+ to visit or work at The Monarchy. Your avatar must also appear to be 18+. If your avatar or anything in your profile suggests you are not 18 you will be ejected and banned.

1. Join the group – members only. Open access on Tuesday by invite.

2. No free sex/favors – this is a strip club/brothel. Repeat requests for free services will lead to a ban. There are no discounted services – outside of Happy Hour (daily 2-4pm). We recommend you visit during Happy Hour if you are looking for discounted strip rates.

3. See the girl’s picks or ad boards for rates. You’re welcome to IM any girl you are interested in for rates as well. Or check their profile picks!

4. All club furniture and animations are reserved for CLIENTS ONLY for time with a Monarchy girl. We do not welcome couples to make use of our club unless they are involving a Monarchy girl.

5. You must be fully clothed – all of your sex bits covered, wearing more than undergarments or lingerie – unless you are with (in a session or tipping) a Monarchy girl.

6. You MUST tip girls to their jars. Repeat direct tips will lead to a ban. The Monarchy will not assist with any payment or service issues unless the tip was to a jar. See below on how to tip in private.

7. Only official Monarchy Vixens, Playmates and Trainees are allowed to work here. If you would like a job you can visit the hiring room to apply. Do not attempt to dance on dance equipment or login to tip jars.

8. You are not welcomed to wear any group tag labelled The Monarchy or Monarchy, except for our official VIP group. Any tag that suggests you are affiliated with The Monarchy in a way that you are not or wearing a tag you have created yourself is not welcomed and can lead to a ban/eject.

9. Solicitation is not allowed in the club, landing or our VIP group, that group is specifically for girls of the club to communicate with VIPs & Elites about Monarchy activity and invitations.

10. Please do not disturb other guests.

11. Be respectful of other guests and staff. Please do not disturb any private sessions. If you’d like to join another guest that is stripping a dancer, you’re welcomed to tip and join the show!

12. Do not get close and linger in front of a girl who has stripped for another guest unless you have been invited or unless you have tipped.

13. Have fun. Leave your inhibitions at the door. This is where fantasies come true. Monarchy girls have open minds! Feel free to ask about any fantasy you have, within Second Life TOS, and we’ll accommodate or help connect you with the girl of your dreams.

14. Don’t be a troll.

15. Should you have any questions or inquiries please message management by IMing Ravenvanderbuilt or submitting a ticket in Discord and a manager will reach out to you.

Want to join us? Teleport in world to join for access. Membership is just $300L.

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About the Girls

Our girls are intelligent, dangerously sexy, fetishists who are exhibitionists at heart with a true thrill for being everything you desire.  We strongly believe in a distraction – free environment where we can make true personal connections to play out your wildest dreams.

Use this website to find your favorites before visiting.

See Our Girls

Please review additional details below.


Text, Voice, Cam, Lovense
Many girls will initially communicate in text/emotes. If you’d like voice or cam just ask or look for tags that say voice or cam. If you’d like to be connected with a girl for a specific service, send an IM to Ravenvanderbuilt or submit a ticket in Discord and a manager will connect you.

You can also browse ad boards at landing, meet girls in the club or view all of our girls on http://themonarchysl.com/members/


  • Playmates – featured dancers & escorts, exclusive to The Monarchy and guest favorites.
  • Vixens – Dancers and escorts
  • Voice Vixen – Voice only, does not offer any text services
  • Lovense – Is available for Lovense
  • Cam Girl – Cam services, possibly voice, does not offer any text services
  • Trainee – NEW, limited services
  • Burlesque – Only performs stage shows, not available for private sessions
  • Champagne Girl – Host, does not offer any sexual services

Strip Rates:

  • $200 – starts your entertainment – a girl will invite you to sit to watch her dance
  • $500 – topless
  • $1000 – nude
    *Voice/cam/escorting rates vary.

Owner: Meela Vanderbuilt. Should you need assistance, please message Ravenvanderbuilt Resident or submit a ticket in Discord for a manager.  Any inquires specifically for Meela will be escalated by a manager.  All other inquiries will be responded to within 24-hours. Please be respectful and as detailed as possible.

The Monarchy is a strip club/brothel that caters to serving all of your sexual and social desires. You should feel comfortable playing out your deepest fantasies, spending time here, or being entertained by the beautiful women here to please you.

****THIS IS NOT A FREE SEX SIM NOR A OPEN LOUNGE. If you attempt to solicit girls for free, harass, beg, make any attempt to get free sex from a Monarchy employee, or bring any outside guests for sexual activity that does not involve a Monarchy girl you will be banned. ALL intimate activity at this club must involve a dancer/escort of our club.

*Please be advised* There are both strippers and escorts who offer text, voice, cam and Lovense services, working here. If you are interested in a specific girl be sure to speak to her, read her profile picks, request her card, or click her board at the landing.

DANCING RATES – The Monarchy is a strip club/brothel please respect the club by not asking for, nor requesting free services. All tips/payments must be made to tip jars. Repeat requests for free services or direct tips will lead to a ban.

$200 Starts your Dance
You will notice women on display in The Monarchy – in cages, on tables, etc. If you would like the attention of one in particular feel free to message her to inquire about her services, talk to her in local or simply tip her jar. However you choose to contact, $200L will begin your entertainment.

$500 Topless
$1000 Nude

Lap dances – begin at $1,500L/30 mins
Escorting – begins at $4000/hr – *different rates can apply. Check with your girl.

Select vixens & playmates in the club offer additional services such as voice sex, webcam, photos. Please see the dancer’s profile picks or her board at the landing for details on these services. Also feel free to ask.

*All dancers/escorts have a client card with details about them, photos, and a list of services and limits. Feel free to request it at any point.

1. You MUST be 18+ to visit The Monarchy and your avatar must appear to be 18+. By visiting The Monarchy you attest that you are 18+. Child avatars/age play will not be tolerated. We consider anyone a child who is a woman with a childlike face, small in stature and no visible breasts, any male or female with childlike features and small in stature in comparison to other avatars, furniture and our builds.

2. Harassment will not be tolerated. Respect all guests and employees. Make sure you have and have expressed any limits to dancers/escorts.

2b. It is up to the discretion of our girls to provide the services they choose and what information to give to you. At not point is anyone required to disclose their RL information to you, add you as a friend or offer you a service unless they agree.

3. You must be a Monarchy VIP member or member of The Monarchy Society to access the club unless we are having an open access day or event. You will need to wear your Monarchy VIP group or Monarchy Society group tag for security in the club.

4. Allowed avatars – All human and humanlike avatars are allowed in the club given that you fit within the space and are not obstructing the view. Furries/wolves/beast avatars and some animal avatars are allowed, also given that you fit within the structure. If you have any questions about if your avatar will be allowed feel free to contact RavenVanderbuilt. We welcome any avatar that is respectful and fits within the build without obstructing other guests.

5. Sex! You are free to engage in any type of sexual activity anywhere on the sim with a Monarchy dancer or escort. If you need additional privacy inquire with your dancer/escort or RavenVanderbuilt. You are not authorized to make use of our club/furniture/private rooms unless you are with a dancer or escort of The Monarchy.

6. Should you log out or leave after paying a dancer, without making arrangements with them, they are required to only wait 10-15 minutes for you to return and it is to the discretion of your dancer/escort if an extended amount of time will go against the time you paid for. As you can understand, time is very sensitive here. Our girls are very welcoming so be sure to communicate if this happens.

7. If you choose to pay a dancer in advanced without setting a specific time and date for her services, the dancer has the right to refuse the date without a refund if you exceed a wait time of 24 hours.  If you’re not able to get into Second Life, please join our Discord server and submit a ticket. A manager will help coordinate.

8. Please keep gestures, shouting, flying, sound effects to minimum.

9. All guests MUST remain fully clothed unless with a Monarchy dancer or escort. Meaning, breasts, vaginas and penises need to be covered and your avatar should be wearing more than undergarments or lingerie.

Everyone is welcomed to advertise their services, events, venues, etc on the ad boards at the landing point (if available)…. but that is where it ends. Please do not spam, promote any non-Monarchy event, club, service once you get to The Monarchy. Contact management resident if you are interested in any additional advertising, web advertising, or sponsorship. You can also visit – https://themonarchysl.com/sponsors/.

11. You MUST use the dancer’s tip jars for all payment. The Monarchy is not responsible for any lost payment if you have tipped directly. The girls are also not allowed to accept direct payment so this can also lead to a ban from The Monarchy and the VIP group with no refund. If you like to tip in private, any girl can bring you to a private area to accept a tip. The Monarchy will not assist with any sort of disputes if the tip was not made to a jar. If you come across a dancer suggesting that you tip them directly, please contact RavenVanderbuilt resident or submit a ticket in Discord for your protection.

12. Our VIP group is explicitly for Monarchy staff to communicate with VIPs about Monarchy activity, send invitations or to connect with our VIPs/Elites.

Solicitation from non-Monarchy staff members will result in a group ban with no refund.

Impersonating Monarchy staff will lead to an immediate ban.

Any type of promotion for events, clubs or personal services will result in an immediate group ban with no refund.

Group fees are not refunded should you be ejected or banned as a result of breaking club rules.

If banned from the club you will also be ejected and banned from the group and potentially Bayside City with no refund.

13. Your pleasure is limitless! Do not ever hesitate in regards to asking for a specific service or role play scene. If it is something extreme there is no harm in asking or looking at a dancer’s picks.



Access to The Monarchy is reserved for members, both VIP & Elite.  We are open access on Tuesdays.  Monarchy members are welcomed to spend time with Monarchy girls in the club, private rooms, around any of our 3 sims.  Members are also invited to special member’s only parties, sex shows, burlesque shows, peep shows and more! Your entertainment, companionship and fantasies are of the utmost importance to us and we will absolutely blow your mind.

Be sure to use this site to see new girls, keep up with our events and browse photos and videos of your favorite girls.

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The Monarchy is home to some of the trendiest stores in Second Life, located in the mall just beyond our landing point. If you enjoy shopping with a gorgeous girl or are looking for items for yourself, be sure to spend some time at The Mall.  Girls are more than willing to join you for a shopping trip, inquire about rates and availability.

You’ll also find places around the mall to sneak and bring to life any fantasies you have of public play.  If you enjoy role play huds, the mall is also XeoLife enabled.

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Live With Us

Just outside the doors of The Monarchy is Bayside City.  For those of you who want to truly immerse yourself in the experience, we have home rentals across 3 sims where you can bring your favorite girls or even have some as neighbors.  The role play potential is unlimited.

You will also find shops, restaurants, bars and attractions around town.  It is a full city where you can drive to and from The Monarchy at any point.

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