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Our Playmates are the most sought-after girls in the club and each month you’ll be able to indulge in a spicy and intriguing Q&A!

Amber King

Is there a sexy song that tends to get you in the mood?
I have a few that can get me going – maybe I’m very easy to arouse haha! “High For This” by the Weeknd is definitely a hot song to get the blood pumping!

Be kinky or be romantic?
There’s a time and place for both. Sometimes I want to make love, sometimes I want to be bent over. Lets see where the ood takes us.

Have you ever used a sex swing?
Yes! Lots of fun, though it does allow for the opportunity for something to go wrong haha!

What do you look like, and sound like, when sex feels good for you?
Eyes rolled back, toes curled, loud, deep moans. Mental image much?

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About Me: A flirty temptress from the South of England. I’m witty, intelligent, and confident – often described as intoxicating by those I spend time with. I’m an experienced emoter/roleplayer and have been a domme and findomme for 5+ years in RL. Despite my greedy, dominant side, I’m a switch and enjoy sinking to my knees into submission for the right partner. I’m LGBTQ+, non-human friendly, and ultimately your own personal high-class play toy.

Interests: My general SL interests include photography, shopping, interior decorating, partying, and providing intense, earth-shattering orgasms 😉

Services: I offer a variety of services from the vanilla to the unspoken perverted ones. My most popular services are oral, text, and voice roleplay, humiliation, financial domination, edging, mistress/affair roleplay, adult breastfeeding, and many more. I’m open-minded and up for almost anything!

Lucie Amelia

Want to try using food as foreplay?
Hmm not my cup of tea, I do like using heat and cold as part of foreplay but ice would be the nearest thing to a consumable I’d go with.

Do you remember the best orgasm you’ve ever had?
I’m lucky enough to have had some really good ones so there isn’t one in particular that stands out.

Is spanking something you’d like to try?
Done it, tested it, got the tshirt.

Which do you like more—sending dirty texts, or dirty talk in person?
Definitely texts, I find the power of words very alluring when done right.

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About Me:A sexy temptress from the UK, a lady in the streets and a slut in the bedroom or the perfect controlling sexy mistress, an arm trophy. Someone you want to stroke your ego then your cock perhaps. I’m a switch I can kneel at your feet while you force me to take every inch of you or I can wrap you around my little finger, my heels and whatever else I desire

Interests: I love flirting, sexy banter and intelligent conversation. I love feeling kept, on a pedestal and I LOVE knowing I have you hard. Outside my wonderful job I love exploring SL and taking pictures.

Services: I am text based para RP highend escort. I’m into all things naughty but in particular I love being the bit on the side, taboo RP, temptation, teasing and denial.

Adrina Piers

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About Me:I’m Adrina… I’m a model and entertainer who likes to consider myself as sweet as candy with a spicy centre. I enjoy being admired, spoiled and put on a pedestal by everyone♕.

Interests: Other than being flirty, admired and blowing your mind at the club, I enjoy exploring SL and spending “your” cash on keeping myself looking good and I also enjoy taking pics and socialising when I can.

Services: I offer text service with a worthwhile and intense experience to fulfil all your fantasies and desires to the fullest, trust me you won’t be disappointed you’ll be begging for more..

What are some of your kinks?
I love to switch between dom and submissive. There’s nothing hotter than being thrown around and devoured until your mind is blown.

Dirtiest secret?
In high school I slept with my teacher after meeting him at a night club, so let’s say I never got a F in his class after that 😉

Biggest fetish?
I do enjoy a little rough play when its required

What would you want guests to know about you?
I am a fun and flirty person but also love to have deep and meaningful conversations as well


Where would you love to have sex?
somewhere dangerous.

Do you want to make a sex tape?
only if i get a piece of the profits.

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About Me: feisty, passionate, hungry for pleasure and occasionally pain, i’m a strong writer with a keen attention to detail and a gift for seduction. whether you’re in need of a strong woman to take the reins, or you’re an alpha type in search of a proud conquest, i crave the chance to invite you to escape with me. your brain is your biggest erogenous zone and i know just where to touch it to set you on fire.

Interests:  When I’m not manhunting, ho-ing, and spending my money on slutty little outfits, i enjoy photography, dancing, exploring and spending your money on slutty little outfits.

Services: i offer fully bespoke roleplay experiences from intense, down-and-dirty one-nighters to powerful, whirlwind flings to deeply complex one-on-one sagas. do you have a particular scene, a story you want to live out? do you just want to arrange a meet-cute and see where it takes us? i’ll follow your lead or keep you right on your toes. let’s make something epic together.

Where do you like being touched the most?
my brain. intelligence is sexy.

If you could have sex with any celebrity, who would it be?
i would let david gandy do the dirtiest things to me.

Constance Eleonara

What would you change about yourself if you could?

What motivates you to work hard?
Making a better tomorrow for myself

Do you like or dislike surprises? Why or why not?
Love them!

What is the best gift you have been given?
All my gift are special

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About Me:Hi Im Constance Eleonara. My rezz date is 03/18/2009 so I have been her4e for a bit. The things I love to do in SL is make new friends. I love working at The Monarchy, and I love what i do there. Come visiit me
Exclusive Playmate to The Monarchy Club. I am playful and open to anything your heart desires. I have an insaisable thrust for sex and can “multiple” O’s in ome session. Try me on Lovense and find out for yourself Cum On Lets play!

Interests: I just love SL beaches, I love to feel the warm sun on my skin. I am into almost anythung you can think of… I will try anythig once 😉
Nipple paly, Ass play…Sucking, YUM!

Services: Dance, Escort, Go out on dates ( all types) but primarilary I make me guests fee3l satistied and always seeking more of what I have to offer.
I an very imaginative and can seduce you with my words. Take me away and we can play, but I am not cheap. Remember, you get what you pay for!

Hilary Chanel

What do you do in your free time? Any hobbies?
In my free time I love to hang out with my friends, shop, and go on dates. My hobbies are swimming, tennis, and shopping :p

Fun fact about yourself:
I enjoy doing makeup on myself and others.

What do you look like, and sound like, when sex feels good for you?
Firstly I know I’m super loud, and honestly, I just hope my sex faces are pretty hot, I have been told they are.

What would an erotic vacation look like for you?
An exotic sensual location, where it’s just us two. Spending time together and having sex at least 3 times a day.

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About Me: Hey, Your certified Play Girl Hilary Chanel is here. I consider myself to be the ultimate girl next door, My approachable yet wholesome femininity lures you in every time. I have many layers but my sensual and sexy side shows the most. You will never catch me without a nice pair of heels and something sexy on because this blond bombshell is always ready for a fun time.

Interests:  Shopping is my hobby and one of my kinks would be dirty talking during sex

Services:  I will have you wanting to do anything to get my attention again because I always aim to please you and never disappoint. One of my special features is being sweet but once we are in the bedroom all bets are off, I go from sweet to spicy, ill let you imagine what I mean 😛

Light Leoness

What is your favorite part of your body and why?
My eyes…They usually say more than I do

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About Me: I am a non problematic tease always interested in fun new ideas for play. I excel in the art of seduction. I have a vast imagination and always ready to match the vibe you offer. I always aim to please based on your needs, so don’t be shy and open me up to your naughty mind. I enjoy meeting people, it opens me up to experiences that enrich my own life. I may appear quiet or shy but I learn more observing than conversing at first. Second life is my escape, I keep RL separate to keep my fantasy alive. I love my RL but SL is where I get loose! Come say hi sometime!

Interests: I enjoy creative para role-playing various characters. I enjoy a good laugh, flirting, dancing, shopping, and meeting people from all around the world. Come Meet me! I enjoy stimulating conversations. I have very few limits therefore quite flexible for your enjoyment.

Services: My services range from a simple tender Cuddle all the way to a Hot Voice escorting session. I also Enjoy the occasional Wife Experience. Tell me what you need and I will be flexible

What is one thing that gives you butterflies?
When my neck is kissed I get giddy

What skill are you most proud of?
Being insatiable. Don’t stop Daddy… giggles

Name one thing you haven’t tried before, but really want to.
A beautiful Woman


If you could go back in time, what year would you travel to?
Uhhh…I don’t fuck with time travel so I’d most likely just pass that offer. I’ve seen way too many movies about people messing the time line, I don’t want to be one of them. lol

If you could go back in time to change one thing, what would it be?
There are plenty of things I’d be very tempted to change, but I have to say I’d rather not turn back and change anything because I’ll be tortured by questions and the desire to turn back and fix every little mistake I’ve ever made or humanity ever made.

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About Me: A naughty bisexual that can be your bashful princess, slutty brat or demanding mistress and it is all up to you. Don’t be scared to spoil me…I love it!~

Interests: Roleplay, teasing, gaming, reading, manga, anime, music and flirting are just some of the things I absolutely love <3 I thoroughly enjoy meeting new people and exploring alongside them all sorts of lewd fantasies.

Services: Together we can enjoy a hot dance, a relaxing massage, some time in a dungeon, a wild party or a romantic date and so much more…We could take our sweet time during a long and steamy roleplay or we could give in, fulfilling our perverted needs with a quickie. The sky is the limit!~

Would you rather win the lottery or work at the perfect job? And why?
Working at my dream job takes the win for sure! If I were to win the lottery I would be really happy but I wouldn’t be so mindful about how I spend those money, since I didn’t have to work to get them. While on the other side, working at my dream job can get me plenty of money with the responsibility of managing them carefully because I had to work to earn them, great achievements and it’ll be a pleasure to be at work.

If you could live anywhere, where would it be?
Two places that battle for the first place where I want to eventually live are Japan and Canada.

Megan Monroe

Where do you like being touched the most?
My neck and my ears are extremely sensitive. I love getting my kisses and licks there but of course the space between my legs loves the feeling of a skillful tongue as well.

If you could have sex with any celebrity, who would it be?
Definitely Jessie Williams-

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About Me:  I’m a universal seductress at its finest, I’m usually a sweetheart but if you get on your knees and beg, I’d gladly show you my other side, if I feel you’ve earned it. Fully capturing my attention is no easy task…

Interests:  I’m all for a bit of bondage. wrap my hands behind my back with my own soaked panties. Hm, almost lost my train of thought for a second- As much as I like being tied up myself, I enjoy having a sweet plaything at my feet. Those delightfully sweet whimpers as I tease them until their cheeks burn a nice shade of red… cute! Besides being on my knees or playing with my toys, I love baking all sorts of sweet treats as well as cooking in my spare time.

Services:  My services bring any and all of those naughty and unfulfilled fantasies to life through interactive, text-based erotica. I offer Domme services as well and I specialize in Girlfriend experiences for those who want a bit of all of my services in one little bow-wrapped package 💋

Dirtiest secret?
I had sex with my best friend in my closet while my mom was in the living room-

Biggest fetish?
I love pretty hands!! veins, beauty marks.. I don’t know what it is but they’re so pretty-


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About Me: I’m Penelope and I am here to blow your mind. I’m a little cheeky and I love a good tease. I fall in love with everyone I meet and I’m sure the feeling will be mutual. I love exploring what turns people on and leaving them satisfied and coming back for more. I can be your mistress, your submissive doll, your girl next door, and whatever else you desire. I am only here to make your desires come true.

Interests: My interest change a lot, but my main kinks include dom/sub relationships as I can be either. My other kinks include oral fixations, spanking, edging, bukkake, creampies, dressing up/role play, and public sex. My mouth knows its way around a cock and I love the way they feel in my mouth. Outside of dancing at the Monarchy, I like clubbing and hearing alternative music and exploring abandoned fantasy sims with my friends and getting into trouble.

Services: I am strictly text at this time, but I like to incorporate sound HUDs in world to make the experience more worthwhile and immersive. I want to make it as realistic and pleasurable as possible, while making my clients to come back begging for more even if they’re reading my sultry words.

What color underwear are you wearing right now?
Keeping up with the fall theme, I’m in a burnt orange~

Have you ever thought about cheating on your partner?
No. It sucks to be cheated on, so I just keep things open so I don’t have any temptations.

Do you sleep naked?
That’s the best way to sleep~

What’s the sexiest nickname you’ve been given?
Even though it is basic, I love Kitten.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this amazing Q&A. Get to know more about your Playmates and drop by the club to visit .