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FREAKY FETISH FUN- Behind the Scenes


FREAKY FETISH FUN- Behind the Scenes

The Monarchy Hosted a Fetish Party on Sunday held in The MONARCHY THEATER. I am giving you a peek at some of the girls who were able to make it happen. These Monarchy Royals offer various tantalizing services around our estate.  Ask our girls to show you around. We can fulfill your fantasy’s and desires. Need a little spanking to start your day off right! We have that covered! Maybe mopping the floor on your hands and knees while you think about pleasing your Mistress. We have a bucket  waiting for you and so much more.   The Monarchy is your fetish oasis and your options are limitless. Come connect with one of our talented girls. Each girls specialties are featured in their boards at the landing. Cant wait to see you! ♥

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