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Hiring FAQs

Joining the team at The Monarchy is a very simply process, just be sure to follow the procedure.  Once you submit an application, you will be interviewed.  If accepted, you’ll be trained and set up on the team!  Here are some FAQs to help you with the process!

How can I visit the club?
As you know the club is member’s only.  Please do not join our VIP group if you are interested in applying.  Simply IM Ravenvanderbuilt Resident and any online manager will assist in getting you a tp to the club.  If one is not online, someone will reach out to assist as soon as they are.

Why should I not join the VIP group?
The VIP group is reserved for clients only.  Please do not join just to view the club, we will gladly grant you access to the club.  You will be removed from the group if you’ve joined. Once hired, we will grant you free access to the club.  Regrettably, there is no wiggle room here.  This helps us keep the group free of trolls and solicitors.  Though you may not be one, it helps us ensure only clients remain in the group.

If I was already a VIP will I lose my membership?
If you were a club client with tip history, you will not be removed.

What group do I join to apply?
We have a hiring group.  Group joiners can be found in the hiring loft – click here.

What will I need to do to apply?
Be prepared with photos of yourself to add to the application, complete the application, join the hiring group.

When will I receive a response to my application?
If your application has been filled out in full, including photos and an emote, you will receive a response within 48-72 hours.

What if I have not received a response?
If you do not hear back, review your application to ensure it was fully completed.  If not, resubmit. Also check the hiring group description.  If our hiring manager is away for longer than 24 hours, there will be a note there.  If there is no note and you’ve filled out your application completely then please contact Amyalka Resident.

How long is the interview?
Typically about an hour.  This will also depend on your response time, length of your responses and any additional questions you may have.  We encourage you to ask any questions you need to, our hiring manager dedicates as much time as needed.

How soon will I be hired?
If you have a successful interview and there are no outstanding questions that need to go to other members on management or to the owner, you will be hired on the spot, given your availability.  If you are not available to receive all of your hiring material, the hiring manager will set a time with you to continue.

If there is anything that needs to be clarified or confirmed with management/the owner, you will receive follow up between 3-7 days.

What services can I offer?
You’re welcome to offer any services you’d like.  We are a roleplay first club, meaning you must offer text services for dancing.  However, you’re welcome to offer text, cam, photos, etc.  During your training time, you will be limited to just dancing until you have completed training and worked a couple of sets.

What happens if my interviewer is not here for our scheduled interview?
We apologize for the inconvenience!  Sometimes things happen that can prevent us from getting into SL – maintenance, internet connection.  We will do our best to reach out to you if anything has come up but please send an IM to your interviewer as soon as you arrive so they can respond to you via email and let you know what’s going on and exactly what to expect.  Please do not wait in silence for an extended time.  If you send an IM to your interviewer, she can respond directly via email if she is not able to login.

Can I reapply if denied?
Of course!  Just remember to remain respectful and you always will be considered for hire.  If you were missing items on your application or did not qualify but have since updated, you’re welcomed to reapply.

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