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Hiring @The Monarchy

The Monarchy is a different club than what you’re going to find on Second Life, we’re always looking for quality instead of quantity because here @The Monarchy you’re going to find The Perfection.The Monarchy is a member’s only club and is aimed at providing an elite experience and because of that we’re looking for what we’re calling The Perfect Monarchy Girl,.

We’re always hiring Escorts (Vixens) and Dancers (Vixens) and this page is a a guideline of Before and After applying @The Monarchy. So if you’re still interested, please keep on reading.

  • Applying @The Monarchy:

You will need to teleport to our Hiring Loft and locate the boards on the right and left wall. On the Left Wall you will find our Hiring Group Joiner (PLEASE do join that group, it helps me know when you’ve been online, when you’re online so I can contact you for further information); On our Left Wall you will find our Application Board please click the board that says Apply to receive the notecard. Fill it out with the information required (DO NOT miss a step inside the notecard, otherwise there are chances for your application to get denied). After you’ve made sure your application is 100% filled please return it to the Pink Mailbox, and wait for an answer between 24 or 48 hours. If after 48 hours you’ve not receive an answer from amyalka please contact her and let her know (sometimes it happens an application to be missed).

  • Requirements

Here are the following requirements from our club in order for your application to be approved!

1a. Appearance – You MUST have a high quality avatar to work here. Mesh body and head REQUIRED. You must look like a female human avatar. We are not looking for any type of anime, furry, animal based avatars.

1b. We are looking for exotic, sexy, bombshell WOMEN. We value girls with unique looks. If your look is not unique and exotic we may not consider you. We are not looking for any baby girls, very petite avatars, or plain looks. Sure, there are lots of plain pretty girls. We are in no way suggesting anything is wrong with the look. It’s just not what we are currently looking for.

Please Note: We are NOT hiring very petite avatars, we show preference to adult looking curvy women. We do have a height requirement, measure yourself in the hiring room. We also are not looking for extremely thin girls. We may ask you to edit your shape to work here. Of course, we are not concerned with how you look outside the club. If you fall outside what we’re looking for and have no interest in any modifications for your working shape this may not be the best fit.

2. Emoting Ability – Emoting ability – You MUST be a VERY strong emoter. If you don’t know what emoting is, practice before applying. We are a role play focused club. Our clients expect strong emotes, we expect girls with writing skills. We will help you improve if emoting is a concern but you should still put effort into your application emote and practice.What’s an emote? Text used in role play to describe your actions, feelings, and dialog.

3. Ability to maintain a client list – Keep ’em coming back. A big part of your business will be your ability to maintain your own list of people who come to see you specifically. You will be responsible for networking and finding these clients and keeping them happy on top of entertaining our VIPs. This is a HUGE part of your job and a part of our Monarchy formula. You MUST be capable of constantly working on your client list.

4. Personality – You have to be able to keep a conversation going, you should be energetic and easy to get a long with. We’re not able to accept girls who are too shy to drive a conversation. It is not our guests job to keep conversation going. It is yours.

5. Sensuality – You should inspire a high level of arousal!

  • After Applying @The Monarchy:

After your application has been reviewed you should be contacted between 24/48 hours to schedule an interview.

Every interview NEEDS to be scheduled because each interview can last up to 2 hours (if you are hired on the spot – getting you set up, trained, etc), and scheduling the interviews gives me time to organize them properly and keep everything in place. My schedule is pretty flexible and if weekdays or my hours don’t work with your time zone, I can always meet up with you in the weekend so there won’t be any problems scheduling an interview. The answers “whenever you’re online” when comes to schedule one interview won’t work with me, so you will need to pick a day and time when you know you can be available and give yourself 2 hours time for the interview

Before getting teleported for the interview you will need to dress accordingly which means:

  • No flexi prims
  • No facelights
  • Nothing casual
  • No appliers

our main outfit in the club is lingerie and/or classy outfits, so please offer yourself time and prepare an outfit like you’d work in the club!


If you’ve got more questions about applying @The Monarchy please don’t hesitate to contact amyalka!

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