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Pandora Seranade

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Monarchy Trainee

Hello, I am PANDORA.


Find me in-world as pandora.seranade


The epitome of sensuality, I have been described as elegant and charming with an air of playful sophistication. I am a well-traveled and cosmopolitan woman based in Asia who is enticed by men, women and everyone in between.


As a companion, I will captivate you with my singular beauty and hedonist joy, and as a lifelong student of literature, I will delight you with my deft way with words. Escorting is my way of connecting with like-minded individuals: those who can keep up with my sexual stamina and match me in wit and creativity while understanding that a lady’s time is priceless.


I have a great love for roleplaying and prefer to cultivate unique scenes tailored to you and you alone. Come, talk to me about your fantasies that we may explore our deepest desires together . . .


I am usually online from 8pm to 3am SLT. To avoid any disappointment, it is best to send me an IM so I can carve out a special time just for you.



I love . . . roleplaying, edging, romance and bondage. I love being watched, choked and spanked, playing with food, wax, ice, fire and knives. I love suits and uniforms, stilettos and slip dresses. I love erotica by Anaïs Nin and James Salter. I love it rough, and I love it long and slow.


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