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Dancer | Stripper | Escort

Hi! I am La Saskeeya – courtesan, concubine, lover, mistress, whore – call me what you like because I am good with all. Why? Because it turns me on to turn you on, indulge in your deepest, secret and most twisted fantasies.

You will find me at The Monarchy most every night between 09.00 -11.30 PM SLT . On weekends I often love to do the late hours around 12.00-04.00 AM. But I am flexible so shoot me a message if you would like to see me at any other times.

I am a sensual deviant who loves to play and be spoiled. With a higher education and degree in arts, a hankering for erotica and pornography plus a wicked sense of humor I can assure you our conversations would never be boring.

So if you want someone who can be sweet like a doll, classy, bitchy, a whole lotta kinky or downright trashy – a lady in the parlour and a slut in the bedroom, send me a message. I am a good listener as well if you just want to talk, or go for a romantic date…. whichever your heart desires.


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