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About me

Topaz ~ Violetta Daviau

Dancer | Stripper | Escort


My name is Violetta Daviau, or how people call me: Topaz, Vio or just V.

I am a bronze skinned hispanic woman of Colombian heritage and usually available from 10am to 3pm SLT, but during that time I would love to give you the time of your life.

For that I have very few limits or taboos.

I can be the classy dame for your high profile endeavors, the naughty slut for your down to business adventures, or the lovely girlfriend for your leisure times.

You name it.

With my over 13 years of SL roleplay experience I will serve you with Text – brief text, half to full paragraph emoting, adjusted in length to your preference – in English or German.

My goal is to deliver the best experiences for the Monarchy guests and the Monarchy team, which I try to achieve with absolute client orientation, reliable loyalty, undisputable discretion, rightful fairness, genuine transparency and by always upholding a fabulicious mood.

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