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Returning @The Monarchy

Returning @The Monarchy its more easier now than ever. If you’re still part of the Dancers Group then all you have to do is contact amyalka and grab a board under the right wall, which is split as following:

  • NEW (New hired girls) – If you never passed your training the first time then you return as a trainee
  • VIXENS (Girls who are over the Training Phase) – If in the past you were a Playmate or a Siren (Escort or a Dancer) now you will return as a Vixen which can be either an Escort or a Dancer.
  • PLAYMATES – They’re changed monthly and the tag comes with some requirements, so please never buy a board there, the boards under Playmates are being moved each month.

Before you receive your tags back you need to buy your AdBoard and have it all updated, after this step is completed please contact amyalka so she can re-add you to the VIP group and giving you info to refresh yourself. If you’re no longer part of the Dancers Group please contact amyalka.

If you’ve got questions please contact amyalka.

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