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Story Time – “Captured” by Meela Vanderbuilt


Story Time – “Captured” by Meela Vanderbuilt

Story Time is just that…story time! Find a collection of stories written by your Monarchy Playmates, Sirens and Eye Candy with cliff-hanger endings that you can join us in world to complete. Stop by and write yourself into some seriously steamy stories.

It was pretty late. Hell, it was practically sunrise. I sent security home, no need to wait for me to lock up. I’d done it a million times, later than tonight. I always liked the walk home, over the hill…through the woods, you know. I insisted on doing it alone. A little solitude under the stars, fresh air…I lived for these moments. I was getting close, decided to unstrap my heels and walk the beach barefoot. I could see the house in the distance. There was no telling what Elite might be roaming the halls so I made my way across the sand and bent over at the gates to put my shoes back on.

I thought I heard something coming up behind me. There were always a couple people lingering around but it was pretty impossible for anyone to get there unless they were meant to be there so I didn’t pay it any mind. I walked to the front door. It was a little surprising to find it locked so I had to fish through my handbag for the key. There it was again. Some sort of rustling coming from the front yard. The moon was still illuminating the sky, casting shadows my eyes couldn’t quite make out. I tried to adjust, stared into the darkness for a few moments before finally feeling the cool metal of my door key on my finger tips.

I turned to slide the key into the lock when it happened. I felt a palm over my mouth first, the space between his thumb and index finger nearly restricting the possibility of breathing through my nose. Naturally, I struggled against him. I tried moving forward. I tried slipping down. I tried letting all of my weight fall but he was much larger and when I tried to scream I nearly lost my breath.

He pulled me close. His hand still firmly over my mouth. I lifted my hands to his arms. Hell, son of a bitch was going to kill me. I couldn’t even breathe. His other arm wrapped around my waist. I was against him, I could feel my ass rubbing against his crotch as I struggled. He wasn’t hard but for fucks sake was he strong. I had to relax my body. I was losing breath fast. As I relaxed he pulled me away from the house, down the walkway I’d just managed to get past. I watched the house inch further away from me as he pulled me back through the gate, into the darkness where no one could see if there was any chance someone was home.

It would be pointless screaming. The screams that came from inside those walls on a regular basis made us all immune to a good shriek. He knew this. He knew too much. Who the fuck was he? He let my body fall to the sand. I was so winded, as I went to stand my body collapsed right back to where he left me. I saw him grab something from the sand before he reached for my arm, pulling me up, completely palming my ass as he threw me over his shoulder.

I didn’t know what to think as we made our way across the beach. We were back amongst the trees, the faint smell of rain lingering, branches slapping against my legs as we moved. I couldn’t see anything. I didn’t understand how there could possibly be anyone who knew this forest better than I did. Then just as I assumed he’d be burying me somewhere for a wild animal to get me, we made our way through the trees. I could hear the ocean. I could feel the change in his turbulence. We were on sand once again.


He walked for another 10 minutes across the sand before we stopped. I looked around. I could see the rising sun far off in the distance. I had no idea where we were. I had no idea of any other beach but there we were. We were at some janky little room with a door barely on its hinges. He pulled out a key to open the bolt lock before he pulled me from his shoulders. I thought he was going to lay me down but he let my feet touch the sand before dropping my body. I plopped down into the sand, grunting as I fell back. For the first time I was face to face with him but it was pointless. Even in the darkness I could tell he was wearing a mask…and gloves.

I began to speak. I wanted to reason with him. Honestly, I was more curious than I was afraid but as soon as I went to mutter the words, “who the fuck are youuuu,” he walked past me, grabbing both of my wrists before pulling me across the sand, my body leaving behind a trail to where he dropped me once again. I watched him. He didn’t say a word. He moved in silence and before I could really even form a thought he had the rope out and had already dragged me to a post I hadn’t noticed.

Then it all came out. Your typical word vomit. I wanted to know who he was, what he wanted, how he found me, where we were, what the fuck he was doing. No matter how many questions I asked, no matter how loud I got, no matter how much I tried to reason, he said nothing. He tied my wrists, tested the ropes and walked out.

I was alone for only 10 minutes or so before the heat began to get to me. The sun light was making an attempt to fill the room. I was exhausted. I’d refused to sit but that willpower quickly faded as I slid down the post, resting against it, well as comfortable I could with my hands tied above me. I thought I might be able to sleep through the thick of it but as soon as I closed my eyes he came storming back in. There was something different about him. He wasn’t as silent as before. I honestly didn’t know if it was the same person. He wore a mask and gloves too but he slid out of one of them, pressing his palm against one of my tits, sinking his fingers into it as he grabbed it. His grip only intensified as I attempted to squirm away from him.

He pulled the top of my shirt out. I could hear the fabric rip slightly. This son of a bitch. I so rarely wear cashmere. He tugged the top down, one of my tits bouncing out. He just watched it before shoving his hand up and grabbing my other nipple, pulling my breast out of the shirt by the nipple. I could still feel the pinch of his finger tips after he’d released. He sat in silence for a moment. Sweat was pouring down my chest. Something about it all made my pussy begin to throb. I didn’t want him to know. I watched him blankly but he quickly began to pull at my skirt, lifting it just enough so I could feel the breeze against my lips. He continued watching me before pulling his hand back and giving my tits a firm slap before he stood and walked I way.

I remained there, legs laying limp, body heat building and honestly, my pussy was throbbing. He hadn’t even touched it. He just pulled it out. I bit into my bottom lip, squeezing my thighs as tight as I could, working my hips so my clit could get some stimulation. I could feel myself growing wetter. Being exposed like this, not knowing where I was or who I was with…it was enough to do it.

He came back in with something in hand. I couldn’t tell what until he slid out of his glove again. This time he went straight for my pussy. My secret was out. He knew how wet I was. He rubbed his thick fingertips against my clit. He slid two inside of me. He locked his eyes on me as his fingers fucked me for a moment before abruptly pulling them out. He grabbed my pussy, pushing me up when I realized what he walked in holding. He began to bury a dildo in the sand beneath me. My legs were spread right over it. There was no way for me to sit again unless on it. Unless i could manage to pull it out of the sand but he let my pussy go and he secured it in place.

He stood and looked at me. He said nothing but pointed to a camera in the far corner of the room, close to the ceiling. I hadnt noticed its blinking red light until then. He’d been watching me this entire time. He left again. I sat on my knees. I slipped too far at one point, I felt the tip of the dildo penetrate me for a moment before i quickly pulled myself up. They wanted me to fuck this thing. I wanted to fuck it but I wasn’t giving anyone the satisfaction until I had some answers.

I was growing tired of the pose. I tried repositioning myself but the more i fussed around the tighter the ropes seemed to get. I slid a few times, My pussy swallowed more than the head of the dildo a few times. The feeling of it stretching my walls sent me into a moan a few times as I looked down at myself, my exposed, moist tits shining against the leaks of sun making its way through the window….

What happens next?
Will you come to my rescue?
Will you join “him” for whatever reason he captured me?
Will you stumble across me and take things into your own hands?

Join me in world to finish the story.

Click here to teleport to The Monarchy

Please note. Meela Vanderbuilt is the owner of The Monarchy and plays out sex scenes with clients only. If interested just shoot an IM in world to inquire. Username – LanaReynolds

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