We introduce you to our new girls at The Monarchy – the trainees from September & October Session. Amazing, beautiful, and diverse girls. We hope you’ll enjoy a quick “About Me” and drop by to meet them.

Angel is playful and naturally sexy, which combined with her Brazilian personality ensures that she will tease you… oops! I meant ease..!
Elena is the girl you want to call for a quick fuck but also the girl you want to introduce to your parents.
Razi is a fun-loving girl with a sense of adventure.
Absinthe is bold, beautiful, and yes… highly intoxicating.
Aria is a bossy libra & loves to learn new things.
Gigi is a sexy mixed babe, a spicy Capricorn & loves to have a good time.
Skylar is very loving and likable be careful or you would find yourself in love with her.
Ray is a bombshell with killer legs, a thick bouncy ass and a statuesque figure.

Our beautiful ladies are waiting for you at The Monarchy, drop by and pop their cherry ♥

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