We are looking for hard-working, business-oriented women to join our team as Playmates, Vixens, and Champagne girls. We look for girls who take pride in what they do and have a unique personality and look to appease different types of clients.  We welcome open-minded adults who are eager to make our guests’ experience a great one.

What to Expect

All new dance/escort employees will go through a 2-day training prior to working.  Currently, this training is done live. In the future, depending on your skillset, position applying for, and experience, you may have the option to do a self-paced training.

If you need additional help after training, you will remain in a Trainee role and work alongside a manager.  If you succeed during training, you will be given a Vixen role.

Vixens are our general staff in the club and are expected to have a deep understanding of the club and general procedures. You choose your schedule, what services you would like to offer, and are responsible for having an active presence in the club for any weeks you’ve indicated you will be working. You are expected to entertain guests, communicate with our group and acquire and manage your own personal clients.

If you’ve done well as a Vixen and are exclusive to The Monarchy then we welcome you to Playmate. Playmates have all the same expectations as Vixens but we also manage marketing and promotion, matchmaking, feature them on our sites and social media, provide them with custom tip jars at our landing, and more.

Want to join our team? Visit the landing in world and click “apply here” to teleport to the hiring loft. Please do not join the VIP group. This may negatively impact your application.

Click to Teleport

Available Positions

Dance/Escort staff who can offer text and any additional services they’d like is our focus and we are continuously hiring. Please do not reach out to ask if we are hiring. You will find applications in-world and be contacted in the order in which they are received if you are qualified.

We are now also hiring staff DJs, hosts (Champagne Girls), and voice/cam only girls.

Please review the requirements for all positions below and follow the instructions to apply.

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Dancers – offer text and emote dance services. Pole & private dancing required. Lap dances are not but you must be able to clearly communicate this before accepting payment. Optional: Voice/Cam/Lovense

Escorts – offer text and emote escort services.  Optional: voice, cam, Lovense


  • We are only hiring women who are willing to verify
  • Age Verification: You need to be 18+ years old when applying here with payment info on your profile. If we suspect you’re underage, we will be asking you to prove you’re of age.
  • Appearance: You MUST have a high-quality avatar to work here. Mesh body and head are required. You must look like a female human avatar. We are not looking for any type of anime, furry & animal-based avatars. However, if you have these avatars and have requests from clients, you are more than willing to offer them as part of your services. We are looking for exotic, sexy, bombshell WOMEN. We value girls with unique looks. If your look is not unique and original, we may not consider you. We are not looking for any baby girls, very petite avatars, or very common looks. We are in no way suggesting anything is wrong with the look. It’s just not what we are currently looking for.
  • Ability to build and maintain a client list: We have an independent environment, meaning we’ve created a system to encourage long-term success for our girls and a bevy of resources to increase their business. However, you are expected to maintain any existing clients, network around SL, to our VIP group, and at our events to continuously build your client list by networking.
  • Emoting ability: Emoting is the text used in role-play to describe your actions, feelings, and dialog. You MUST be a strong emoter. If you don’t know what emoting is, practice before applying. We are a role play focused club. Our clients expect strong emotes, we expect girls with writing skills. We will offer training and help you improve if you need it but you should still put effort into your application emote and practice.
  • Exclusivity: We are not able to keep any strip club/escort club owners or managers on staff. We’re also not hiring active freelancers. We are semi-exclusive we are only able to keep girls working at no more than 1 additional club, if you’re working on more than 1 club we cannot accept your application.
  • Strong ability to entertain, lead a conversation and work well with different personalities, kinks, and other staff.
  • Ability to carry yourself as a professional and adult, effectively communicate and resolve conflict if it arises

How to Apply

Applications are in-world only. Please visit the club and click “Apply Here” next to the door.


We are currently hiring staff DJs who are independent, self-starters who can manage their schedules.  This is a tips only position and we’re looking for DJs for specific sets throughout the week.


  • Ability to work a full 2 hour set
  • The ability to work at least 1 set per week and use the club schedule to coordinate
  • Ability to voice during set & play a variety of music that matches the style of the club. Visit and listen to our stream for reference.